2023 proposals welcome! (closed)

We encourage participation from students from communities under-represented in the Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics (STEAM) fields. We aim at increasing the participation of groups traditionally underrepresented in software development (including but not limited to: women, LGBTQ+, underrepresented minorities, and people with disabilities).

Name and Contact Information

Please your public contact information below this comment and add your name as value in post author metadata:

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Please do not share private contact information yet (email addresses, telephone number), we will ask you for this information later if your proposal is accepted.


Proposals welcome!

Your title should be short, clear and interesting. The job of the title is to convince the reviewer to read your synopsis. Do not put your name in the title.


We welcome proposals from contributors. Please first browse our list of project ideas that you may base your proposal on. To submit proposals, follow these instructions. Start your proposal with a short summary, designed to convince the reviewer to read the rest of the proposal. Note that we expect the same content as for the Proposal Summary entry in your proposal submission form (to be updated to 2023). (150-200 words)

Benefits to Community

Make your case for a benefit to the organization, not just to yourself. Why would Google and SAT be proud to sponsor this work? How would open source or society as a whole benefit? What cool things would be demonstrated? (150-200 words)


Include a brief, clear work breakdown structure with milestones and deadlines. Make sure to label deliverables as optional or required. You may want your plan to start by producing some kind of technical paper, or planning the project in traditional Software Engineering style. It’s OK to include thinking time (“investigation”) in your work schedule. Deliverables should include investigation, coding and documentation. (max 1000 words)

Related Work

You should understand and communicate other people’s work that may be related to your own. Do your research, and make sure you understand how the project you are proposing fits into the target organization. Be sure to explain how the proposed work is different from similar related work. (max 1000 words)

Biographical Information

Keep your personal info brief. Be sure to communicate personal experiences and skills that might be relevant to the project. Summarize your education, work, and open source experience. List your skills and give evidence of your qualifications. Convince your organization that you can do the work. Any published work, successful open source projects and the like should definitely be mentioned. (max 200 words)


Copy the list of required/preferred skills from the project idea and paste it below. For each skill, illustrate with your past experience how you are the best fit for your proposal. The ideal proofs are factual: a short summary of selections from your past contributions, ideally with hyperlinks when applicable (including but not restricted to: source code repositories, pages from portfolio), with a clarification of your role and an explanation how these support the skills involved in your GSoC proposal.

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Expected size of project

Please replace this text with either: 175 hours or 350 hours. Please also adjust accordingly tags in post metadata.

Rating of difficulty

Please replace this text with either: easy, medium or hard. Please also adjust accordingly tags in post metadata.