Issue reporting

The Scenic App depends on a complex software stack. As such, bugs can occur in any of the stack's components. Bugs will typically emerge from one of the following components:

Relevant debugging information about each of these components can be produced by following the steps below. Please include as much information as possible when submitting your bug report.

The following debugging steps may require administrator privileges.

Getting the Scenic App Log

The Scenic App log is accessible from the Chrome/Chromium browser's DevTools. Consequently, you should :

Getting Scenic Core and Switcher's stack trace

In order to debug this stack you should :

When Scenic Core is launched, you should be able to connect Scenic App to it. Now is the time to reproduce your bug.

When a bug is thrown, the GDB prompt will freeze. You should then :

Adding information about your hardware

Information about your hardware may be useful for the maintenance team and can potentially accelerate bug resolution requests. All relevant information about your hardware can be produced with the following command :

sudo lshw > system-specs.txt

Please include this file with your bug report.